Electronic Cigarettes Do Not Contain Nicotine, Tar And Harmful Chemicals

Enter the electronic cigarette, which is an electronic smoking device. Providing the whole experience with cigarette smoking completely without some problems. Look, taste, and want a regular cigarette, but it is much better here’s why. When you smoke an electronic cigarette, you’re smoking altogether nicotine you crave for the whole no tar, smoke and hazardous chemicals included. There is no ash to deal with and no cigarette butts to dispose of, which made ​​him a Eco friendly products. He is also non-flammable, which means you do not have to worry about losing your match everywhere you go.

Great advantage is that electronic cigarettes are very much appreciated effective. Each nicotine cartridge box used with an electronic cigarette commensurate in value to the six pack of cigarettes and only costs ten bucks. It was a lifesaver major currencies. Electronic cigarettes have some health benefits for people who have smoked cigarettes regularly. When you smoke an electronic cigarette, you do not emit second hand smoke. ‘Smoke’ is created from an electronic cigarette is nothing but a harmless vapor mist. For this reason, are allowed at almost any place, including smoke free restaurants, and even hospitals. You also never have to worry about a lecture on lung cancer because the electronic cigarettes does not contain tar, tobacco, or harmful chemicals. There was an existing nicotine cartridge that has vitamins in them!

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Self Storage For College Students

College students nowadays are much different than they used to be back in the roaring thirties or the explorative sixties, being an entirely different breed by intellect and responsibilities alone. In this day and age, college students go through the pain staking trouble of sometimes carrying their school work out of school premises and in many cases involving projects, they are forced to rent a building or space to use for that exact purpose. The lengths through which education takes our students nowadays bring us to a new venture of business targeting self Storage for college students.

Students would usually gather up their cash and rent for a place to keep their instruments or experimental apparatuses which they pay for on a monthly basis. These storage units or buildings are usually flats or apartments meant for big families or such and would need to be paid at a high rate, it is for this reason the students join their pay to cover their half of the rent per month while they have to use the place.

The other is in fact storage for the college student’s belongings. Students flock back to their respective states or homes during the summer vacation and have to secure a storage unit within school campus to place their belonging in until they return; the problem is that not many units would be very available if the students are too late. One tip for students to be prepared for during that hectic moment of looking for a storage unit is to book one in advance. The prices of the self storage units for college students during the school terms is much lower than those being sold off during the coming of summer since there would be more available units.

Booking a unit is quite tricky as most students would have booked reservations during the beginning of the year to have it ready by the month of April when there are nearly no more units left available to rent. Students have a choice between renting a temperature-controlled room or a non-temperature room. It’s best to choose the room most accommodating with your belongings as a television set will not function correctly if the summer heat had already melted internal parts of it, these things should factor into your decision to rent a temperature-controlled or non-temperature room. Self storage for college students has become quite a well invested business move for many people that it could rake to hundreds of thousands of dollars every summer when nearly all units are sold out.

Room sharing is permitted and is usually done with two students paying the rent cost jointly however there are consequences to have joint-controlled units; you are not the only person who can access it. It’s only recommended to keep simple items or items too big to take with you in such shared units. Take in consideration that you are storing things away for the summer so its common sense not to keep clothing in a container that could not air them out, when clothes do have ventilation in a very hot place; they somewhat perspire and start to smell unwashed which also goes for when you store refrigerators without leaving the fridge door open, they would stink up the unit and if you were sharing, that would’ve been a big problem leading to bad misunderstandings.

By: → Jason Kay

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First Year College Students – Everything You Need to Bring to College

We understand how a freshman’s life feels like. For first year college students, anxiety is ever present at first. Especially if you will be going far from home, tension seems to devour you every now and then. There is no need to worry, life ahead is bearable. You can do it! If in case your school is far from home, there are just some things that you need to bring along with you to minimize the hassle of going back home.

• Clothes & underwear – You can’t leave home without these. Bring along enough for a week or a few days more.

• Sheets & blankets – For first year college students, this is important especially when you’ll be staying in a dormitory. Sometimes, they don’t provide these so it’s better if you are prepared.

• Toiletry bag – You’ll need something to place your soap, shampoo, etc. in.

• Clothes hangers – You’ll need hangers to hang your clothes.

• Ear plugs – In case your room mate snores so loud or just when you feel like you need to filter the noise for you to concentrate, you’ll need these.

• Desk lamp – For times when you need to study late at night and you don’t want to wake the others up.

• Alarm Clock – This will come in handy for first year college students when you need to wake up for your early morning classes.

• Dishes & cups – Just in case your dorm runs out of these things, at least you have your own.

• Laundry basket & detergent – You’ll need these for your laundry (if you’re doing it on your own).

• Hot Pot – For coffee and tea lovers, this comes very useful.

• Lock box – You’ll need something to put away your valuables like money when you go out of the dorm. For the information of first year college students, theft is still present in the campus.

• Key Chain – This might help you in keeping your dorm key with you all the time.

•Cell phone or telephone – If your dorm doesn’t have free telephone services, you might need this when you want to contact home.

• Microwave – This is very essential when you don’t want to dine out every night.

• Cleaning supplies – You need these to maintain the cleanliness of your dorm room.

• Trash can – Again, to keep the mess in your room.

• Fan – For cases when you live in a warm place, and you want to keep yourself comfortable.

• Organizers – To keep you your things in the dorm organized.

• Medicines – Keep pain relievers and paracetamol handy.

• First Aid Kit – Just in case you or a roommate will need this.

• Tool Box – Simple tools might come useful at times. Bring along screwdrivers or a hammer with you.

• Headphones – Others might be disturbed with your music. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

•Extension cords – For your electronic appliances, you will need this if all the outlets are far from your bed.

• Refrigerator – For first year college students, this sounds expensive but it could actually save you money when you opt to prepare your own food.

• TV, Radio, Computer – Some things to provide you entertainment.

Try to check these things out before you proceed to the new environment ahead of you.

By: → J. Vadney

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College Internships: Providing Job Experience For Students

A common complaint from students is they don’t feel they are gaining enough experience to prepare them for careers after college. Sometimes gaining this experience takes initiative and a drive to learn as much as you can before graduation rolls around.

One way to gain job experience is by taking on a college internship. A college internship can be a great way to learn what things will be like in a career setting and what type of work you can expect to be doing after college. No all internship college opportunities are the same however. Some internship opportunities provide students with amazing learning experiences and plenty of projects to keep them occupied during the length of their internship. Other internship experiences don’t live up to this level and leave students bored, without the chance to gain much needed job experience. When students are stuck in an internship college of this type, they are face with a tough choice, wondering whether to request more projects or suffer through the boredom until the internship is over.

Students that don’t speak up, however, could be doing themselves a disservice because they aren’t maximizing their college internship experience. The employer may fear overloading the intern with projects and therefore has accidentally not given enough work to keep the student occupied. Once the student speaks up, the employer will then realize that the intern has a high workload capacity and will likely come up with more projects. Speaking up can also benefit the student because the employer could then recognize the student’s work ethic, which could lead to a higher rating on the intern’s evaluation.

When requesting more work, it is important to address the college internship employer in a courteous manner. A good way to approach your employer is to ask if they have any more projects that need completed because you have finished your current workload quicker than you anticipated. You could even come up with project ideas on your own and then present them to your employer if you feel they are relevant and would be beneficial to the company if you were to complete them. This could also show the internship college employer that you take the job seriously and care enough to come up with ideas on your own. On the other side of this, if you are constantly bothering your employer and whining for more projects, they will likely become agitated, so you must keep a fine balance between politely asking for more projects and whining to your boss about not having enough to do.

In most situations, it can’t hurt to ask your employer for more work to do. Normally they will be pleasantly surprised by the request and will eagerly find more work for you to complete. This is especially true if the alternative for you is to sit at a desk all summer staring at your blank computer screen because you don’t have anything to do. A college internship is supposed to be a learning experience and sometimes it takes initiative on your part to get opportunities in gaining that experience.

By: → Tyra Smith

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